Welcome to Signum

Our restaurant, Signum, is on the tip of the promontory overlooking the lake by Hällsnäs Hotell & Restaurant. We serve a tasting menu here inspired by the four elements – earth, fire, air and water.

It’s really important to us to have a positive and close working relationship with the farmers, fishermen and suppliers who provide us with top quality ingredients. We aim, as much as is possible, to be self-sustaining when it comes to ingredients, so we can have more control over quality, waste and production.

Near the restaurant is our micro garden, where we grow herbs, lettuce leaves and flowers all year round. We also work with Klevs Gård, a farm near Bovallstrand in Bohuslän, where our greens and root vegetables are cultivated during the summer months. Just north of Klevs is our marine farm, where the seaweed on our menu is grown.

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